Social Media Marketing-Stop Selling on Social

 I am hired to produce results on social media platforms. Most  small business owners define “results” as an increase in sales. I understand this. Believe me. I am in business to make money, and, by the way, to help my clients do the same.

However, as the unwritten rule book says: people use Facebook to connect with friends, not brands.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sell your products or services on Facebook. But it does mean you need to be a content producer first and a salesperson second. Second, not first.

A 9/10 split is a good guide. That means for every nine pieces of valuable, interesting or amusing content you produce, you pitch your audience with one hard sell. Just. One.

You’ll achieve the most success (eventual sales) when you have a balance of human and business elements. I find that the “people posts” - behind the scenes, staff photos, event photos, bring your dog to work day photos bring 5-10 x more engagement and reach. Why is that? Because of the human emotion element. I want to get to know the brands that I follow. Not be sold by them. Don’t you? Be honest. Take off your business owner hat for a millisecond.


"If you want truly valuable social media activity, focus on emotion. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Emotion is a universal language that evokes similar responses everywhere." 


Will your followers buy from you? Yes, eventually. After you have established an emotional connection, a relationship. After they get to see your product or service in action. After you have entertained and educated.

Here is a list of types of content designed to educate, entertain and amuse on social media

Types of Content to Share on Social Media

  • “How To” Videos
  • Facebook Live behind the scenes or live events
  • Photos of followers using your products or services
  • Behind –The -Scenes photos at your office
  • Special Event photos and videos
  • Local events relating to your industry in your city
  • Useful Tips
  • Staff and “meet the team” videos and photos
  • Cartoons or humorous GIFs
  • Links to sites other than your own that will engage or educate your followers in some way
  • Photo or Video Contests
  • Free E-Book or Downloads
  • Infographics
  • Quotes