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We are proud of every job, large or small, digital or collateral print that enters our doors. Scroll down to read a brief summary of our most recent projects and collaborations. 

Website & Logo Design / Hope Recovery Group

Their Story: Their tagline: Don’t do life alone. Hope Recovery Group needed a welcoming website that warmly encourages those in the local community along with their families to come and be a part of a lasting recovery program: one that offers understanding, support and encouragement. Their new logo design symbolizing love and peace speaks to the results they wish for all who attend.

Logo Identity / Culture.Tech

Their Story: Our client, needed a new logo/brand identity to effectively communicate their mission to converge art and culture with technology. We were honored to meet them on their journey to becoming the leading global platform transforming premium arts and culture content for the new world of digital consumption, making art truly accessible.

Digital Ad & Photography / Conti Law, Inc.

Their Story: Attorney Michele Conti makes house calls. Why? Most people are intimidated by attorneys or think they can't afford one. She explains, "People should feel comfortable with an attorney, and everyone should be able to take advantage of what the law allows them." Our photography and article layout needed to reflect this message clearly.

Branded Gifts & Logo Identity / Sleepy Pines

Their Story: The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors is a wonderful place to experience the beauty and nature that makes this region a great place to be. Sleepy Pines Cabin is one such place. A lovely weekend retreat nestled in the heart of majestic pine trees. Rugged and rustic are the perfect words to define Sleepy Pines, both in how it looks and how it's furnished. Our logo design and branded promotional items embrace the cozy backwoodsiness yet simple sophistication of this enchanting pine and cedar cabin getaway.

Branded / Sto-Rox

Their Story: Promotions with a purpose. Telecommuting, digital technology and offsite meetings made these Ready To Work Sto-Rox laser engraved USB drives and lanyards a perfect branded promo product fit for sharing information among this great organization. The mobility of this logo branded technology along with it's practicality ensures the advertising "real estate" area is not wasted.

Branded / American Heart Association

Their Story: Custom die cut clip pens for the American Heart Association for their annual Go Red for Women national fundraiser. They continue to be a hit every year!

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